Presentation from Special General Meeting

Athelstone Football Club, Wed Apr 5, 2017 11:30AM

Thank you to all those who attended the Special General Meeting on Monday 3rd April.


As discussed, please click here to see a copy of the presentation displayed on the big screen.


At Tuesday's Council meeting the BRM Holdich report was discussed. A summary of discussions is below.


Independent Audit – Athelstone Football Club - As a result of the Athelstone Football Club requesting Council to defer some payments, Council engaged BRM Holdich to undertake a full financial and governance review of the Football Club’s operations. Council considered the report from BRM Holdich on the Review of Financial Viability of the Club and agreed to suspend the current payment arrangements until October 2017, subject to the Club:

  • implementing the recommended action plan provided by BRM Holdich and keeping Council fully informed (at least fortnightly) on its progress on these items
  • closing the Raggies Bistro and terminating existing Staff associated with the Bistro
  • implementing governance improvements in the Club’s operations
  • complying with its obligations under the Club’s Constitution
  • seeking advice from BRM Holdich during this period on implementing the action plan provided by them.

Furthermore, Council will engage BRM Holdich for a maximum period of six months to assist the Club to implement the action plan. This course of action is considered to be essential in trying to help the Club turn around its current financial situation. The Athelstone Football Club has been in existence for over 100 years and plays a significant part in the well being of our local Community.

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