Round 3 vs PHOS Camden - Camden Oval

Date of event: Saturday April 22, 2017 10:15AM


Round 3 - Athelstone vs PHOS Camden - Camden Oval


The Raggies have got off to a great start and all 4 sides, A, B, C and U18 have all recorded 2 from 2. This weekend we travel to Camden Oval to take on PHOS Camden in the A's, B's and C's whilst the U18's have the BYE.


This game has also been selected to commemorate Anzac Day with the awarding of an Anzac Medal to the player best epitomizing the Anzac Spirit.


C Grade 10.15am


B Grade 12.15pm


A Grade 2.15pm


Under 18's - Sunday 23rd April - BYE

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