Leadership Group 2017

Athelstone Football Club, Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:14PM


The Club is pleased to announce that Luke Rander has been appointed Captain of the Athelstone Football Club for Season 2017.


 Joining Luke in the key leadership roles for Season 2017 are Heath Fitzpatrick, Matthew Mauriello, Dan Sullivan and Scott Barabas. All four were members of the Leadership Group in 2016.


Scott Sullivan who was Captain last year decided not to nominate this year due to being unavailable during part of the upcoming season. Scott has done a great job leading this group as Captain last season and as a part of the Leadership Group prior to this.


Luke, a Raggies Junior, returned to the Club last season from Norwood and had a great season and is looking forward to leading the Club on and off the field this year.


The B Grade Leadership Group was also selected with Jesse Orlando selected as Captain. He will be supported by Matthew Osborne as Vice-Captain and Luke Tomaselli as Deputy Vice-Captain. Last years Captain Josh Pike also elected not to stand for selection this year and he has done a great job as leader of the B grade for the past two seasons.

Last updated: Tuesday February 21, 2017 4:48PM