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Player & Parent Information



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Club Philosophy

We give each and every child who would like to play Australian Rules Football the opportunity to play for our club regardless of skill level or prior experience. Everyone is welcome at our club, and no one is turned away unless a team if full. We endeavour to provide an environment that is safe and that encourages fun, friendship and development.

Club Values


  • Respect each other regardless of gender, ability, cultural background or religion.
  • Respect our history. The Club is over 100 years old!
  • Respect the umpires and officials
  • Respect all team's grounds and rooms
  • No swearing tolerated from players, parents or officials, on or off the field.
  • Be proud of the Club. Act as an Ambassador for the club.
  • Effort = Reward



Registrations generally open in November. We send a registration renewal via the SANFL database to ALL registered email addresses on each player’s record once they open in November, in December, and in January. If you have not registered after this time we assume that your child is not going to play in the current season.
Please ensure you keep us up to date with changes to your contact details either by advising your Team Manager or advising the Junior Secretary at
While we do our best to accommodate everyone who wants to play for Raggies, there are strict team number limits set by SANFL and we must take a 'first come first served' approach.
For insurance reasons, your child CANNOT play OR train if they are not fully registered.

Playing Up Age Groups

We do our best to accommodate requests for children 'playing up' an age group due to ability, transport reasons, or other reasons. However, if there are more than enough players registered that fit into that age group your child will be required to play in their appropriate age group. Players 'playing up' are assessed on a year-by-year basis.


Guernseys are supplied for the season. These must be returned on the last game to your Team Manager. Failure to do so will see you invoiced for a replacement.
Shorts and socks for Juniors are available on our order nights (which we publicise through email and Facebook), or through
Other merchandise including hoodies, polos shirts, caps and drink bottle are available through the online store.


Mouthguards are compulsory. These can be as simple as the boil and bite ones purchased from pharmacies and sports stores to custom fitted ones by your dentist.


Please ensure all personal property (e.g. jumpers and drink bottles) is clearly named, and all valuables are either left with a parent or at home. We strongly encourage players to not leave valuables (phones, expensive clothes etc) in their bags or in change rooms, whether playing at home or away. Athelstone Football Club takes no responsibility for lost property


Under no circumstances should parents, guardians or players communicate directly with the SANFL or other clubs. This will result in fines against the club and sanctions against your child. If you have an issue that you need to discuss, please follow the Club's Communication Procedure.






Match Conditions

U7 to U11 Match Conditions

U12 to U16.5 Match Conditions

Girls Match Conditions



Codes of Behaviour

Code of Behaviour for Parents and Gaurdians

Code of Behaviour for Players



Policies and Procedures

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